Tuesday, October 22, 2013

$0.98 Pajamas

Sometimes you get what you pay for.  You know it's true.  Our stupendous neighbor gives us extra coupons that she finds, like $10 off at Kohl's.  She's so generous & we'll love her forever.
With one of my coupons, I bought pajamas because I needed some new ones.  I found a pajama set on clearance for $10.98, so with my coupon, I only paid $0.98.  Unfortunately, tonight I tried them on and discovered I can only wear the bottoms with a different top, or the top with different PJ bottoms, because if I wear them all at once, I just look like an unflattering blue butterfly blob!  That's when I realized I shoulda used my coupon on something more expensive.  Haha!  Every bargain has it's price. 
At any rate, Mitchell saw that I switched my shirt for one of his T-Shirts, and for whatever reason this affects him the same way it would affect a sibling who stole a shirt from the other without asking.  Imagine the outrage.  Don't worry - he eventually got revenge on me. Later tonight I found him looking like THIS:
He's soaking his foot in epsom salts, because he had a poisonous thorn in his toe from work that's made his big-toe all swollen (he got it at the DUMP of all places, and the thorn went THROUGH his shoe to stab him in the joint of his big-toe.  Sometimes you just can't win.)  Doesn't he look awesome with his plaid pants & blue butterfly shirt?

Take 1:  Blurry

Take 2:  What a joke!

Take 7:  Finally got one right! :) 
You know it's true love when your man isn't afraid to wear your pajama shirt to exact revenge!
You got me, Honey!