Saturday, October 5, 2013

May It Ever Stand

Have you ever been "From Sea to Shining Sea"?
Have you ever prayed that your children would grow up to be leaders who stand up for what's good & right in this world?
Have you ever stood in the halls of greatness?  Have you FELT the passion and love of America started by our Founding Fathers?
Do you remember what America was like in the 1990's - before 9-11 & terrorist extremism - before you feared that every plane you were ever on could be hijacked?
Have you ever seen a bald eagle at the National Zoo, and FELT the pride of America?
This 6-year old felt it so strongly, that he donated his coins to the fund at the exhibit.  "This guy is in charge of the Zoo.  I am NOT leaving, until I help him out."
Have you ever seen the ripples of hope, promise, and inspiration caused by the Wright Brothers?
Do you know the full potential Americans could achieve if they were just allowed to grasp it?
Have you TASTED it?
Have you seen the creativity of a people who are allowed to be who they want to be? 
Have you seen a business flourish and turn into something sweet because hard work paid off?
Have you ever been at a National Monument, where the signs ask for REVERENCE, and the RESPECT on the premises is so TANGIBLE it makes you cry? 
In these places there are TRUTHS etched on the walls - principles that have changed the course of this blessed land and that have affected the world.  Within these pillars and walls is the SPIRIT that has guided a Nation and preserved the UNION.
Have you ever gone to pay respect to the Great Americans of the past, met the Great Americans of today, and seen the Great Americans of the future?
Have you met a Capitol policeman, whose blood runs so red, white, and blue, that he treats the youngest of Americans with the same protection & respect that he would give to a Congressman, or even the President himself?
Every day of this week, my heart has been heavy for my country.  With the "Government Shutdown" enacted by the actions of the President, Senate, and House of Representatives, the "little guys", the civilians, are the ones who are being punished.  While the elected officials are still drawing their paychecks, all the government workers won't be able to get paid until the budget is resolved.  We're talking about people like my brother-in-law, people like my friend's husband, people like our favorite Capitol policeman, DQQKY. 
The crisis has been going strong for 5 days, and there is no end to the shutdown in sight.  The President is removing himself from ALL responsibility and blaming the GOP - he also speaks out of both sides of his mouth - I heard him say that he's willing to make negotiations, but that there can't be any negotiations until the government is back up and running.  The Republicans are also pointing the fingers at the Democrats.  WHAT on EARTH is tagged on to the issues being voted on that is making the Speaker of the House so uneasy about putting the budget to a vote?  The tragedy of our government system is that when an issue is at hand, it seems nothing is allowed to be passed unless another unrelated issue is piggybacked on the bill.  It's not clean anymore.  It's always messy. 
And there are too many American people who quit paying attention, they're too busy living their free lives to care, and they make fun of the people who do care.  And so what happens to the rest of us?  We get to deal with this (the following pictures were taken from Bing Images): 
I've decided that those people who make fun of the rest of us for caring, are the ones who don't truly understand the PRICE that was paid so that they could have the right to be apathetic.  Freedom isn't free! 
There are certain places in this country that should NEVER be shut down.  They are places like the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Statue of Liberty, etc.  They are the places where the Spirit of America inspires all who come. They are the places where you feel the truth and the resolve to be a better American and contribute to this great land.  Because of the budget crisis, our country is paying (or will be when the budget passes) security to close off the monuments instead of security to stand by them like they usually do.  We're paying for fences, and signs.  By the way, just how long have some of these signs been printed?  That Statue of Liberty sign looks pretty fancy.  Has this crisis been planned?  Maybe it has.
The message I'm reading from all of this, is that our government is yelling loud and clear to the American people, "These are not YOUR monuments or National Parks.  These are OURS, and WE are in control.  Not the people."
The other day I posted the following on facebook:
The America I knew—just 2 weeks ago—still gave SOME respect to the principles our country was founded upon.  I’m outraged that these memorials & other symbols of America are “shut down” & “fenced off” today.  Can you feel the shackles?  They’ve been coming on slowly, but they’re squeezing the lifeblood out of our Nation!  It’s a sign!  Freedom isn’t free!  And when we sit back as citizens & let our elected officials rule over us like a King and His Court – squandering our tax dollars at will, pointing fingers of blame at everyone else, and then punishing the citizens for it—they DEGRADE what’s beautiful, hopeful, and blessed in America.  Even during the Civil War, President Lincoln continued the construction on the Capitol building.  He KNEW that to continue building it was a SYMBOL that would INSPIRE the people to believe again that the UNION of the States would prevail.  And so it did!  Shutting down the symbols of our rich American history at the Nation’s Capitol is a message in and of itself: the sacred, inspired Constitution & laws of the land are being trampled under foot.  Wake up, America!
My sister-in-law's grandfather was a WWII Vet, and he said Tuesday morning, "This is not the America I fought for."
That comment made me the saddest of all.  What a disgrace. What a disservice to the "Home of the Brave."
To anyone who cares, please remember that "The world is RUN by those who SHOW UP." 
Start showing up!
Be involved in your communities.  Start caring again!  Show up to PTSO meetings, to HOA meetings, Town Council meetings, attend 4th of July Celebrations, contact your representatives, V-O-T-E, sign petitions, teach your children the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, visit the places that are rich in American history (when you can again), and most of all pray that we will be "One Nation Under God", and that Capitol Hill will once again remember the mantra of "E pluribus unum" - out of many, one.  Bring back the America that was bought and paid for by blood!