Monday, October 21, 2013

We've Been Booed!

Normally getting "Booed" isn't a good thing, but at Halloween time it is!
Much to our delight, at the end of a no-kidding, long & stressful day last week, our family happened upon some treats left at our doorstep! 
Miles is growing more mobile & independent every day, so of course he would pick up a cupcake & immediately shove it in his face. 

Look how happy these boys are! 

This is why I love the holidays!

Emmett fell asleep on the ride home the night we got BOOED, so he found the treats in the morning - can you guess what he had for breakfast?  It was unwrapped & partially eaten before I even made it into the kitchen.  Don't ask me why he took his shirt off.  :) This boy has a mind of his own!  It's like his little brain thinks, "I should swing outside in the brisk air at 8am with my shirt off while eating a carmel apple...yes...that would be the perfect way to start my day!"  And then he does it.

The fun still lasts - we got to share the love of getting booed with others, and my baby boy likes to point and giggle at the monster every time we walk inside our house.  It cracks me up!

Thanks, Halloween Phantom!  We sure love you!