Thursday, October 3, 2013

I LOVE these Kids!

Look what my big boy can do!
We've been working on it for several weeks, and Miles finally said my name Thursday morning.  He said it all day, too.  At one point in the day, he laid his head on my chest and said, "Mamamamamamammamamamamama".  Oh!  What a sweet sound!  I'm so proud of him!
And just in case you were wondering, this is what he looked like when he said my name in the morning.  I'm in love with his skiwompus hair!

Emmett is such a darling kid--on Thursday night he went to sleep in the fort he made...the fort has be located behind the couch for about a week now.  Last night he added more pillows, pulled out a hot pad to made a comfy bed for his birthday minion (Mitch & I searched Walmart & Target all over, and couldn't find a minion for the life of us.  My parents went to Walmart, and Jessica Hosch saved the day by bringing them what I believe was the ONLY minion in the store when she came across it).  Mitch says girls have dolls, and boys have minions. :)  Emmett has had his minion say the Pledge of Allegiance with him at preschool, get buckled in the car with him, and last night his minion slept in his fort!  I'm in love with my adorable 4 year old, and he loves his "mingun".

I know this pic is overexposed, but I kind of like the way the sun is shining in it.  This is my "adopted son for the week", Devin (he's been hanging out with my kids a lot on his Fall Break).  And here's Tyson in his favorite fashion statement: shorts & cowboy boots.  They were helping Mitch change a tire the other day.  I love how Devin is old enough to realize he has no idea how to change a tire, but Tyson is still young enough to think he's doing all the work. :)  I'm sure Mitch helped out a smidgin'.  Haha!  I'm proud of my Hubby for putting those kids to work!