Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Too Bad AZ Isn't a Tropical Island

I wanted to finish my Hawaii post, so I didn't forget our fabulous trip. This was at the airport when Lins dropped us off. Thanks, Lins, for a great vacation & for letting us use your car & for driving us everywhere, and finding us a place to stay. You are the BEST! We love you!
Hukilau Cafe was the cheapest restaurant, with the BEST food, and HUGE portion sizes, not to mention, it was withing walking distance of our house!

This is what you see when you drive in Hawaii. It never stopped amazing me that we were driving from town to town and Kamehameha Hwy was on the shorline.

A big, fat, scary, sleeping pig, named Wilbur.

This ostrich, Buster, has famous legs, b/c he starred in Jurassic Park.

Me & Buster

Me & Mitch at the top of the Jungle Tour.

Our tour guide was nicknamed "Turtle." She did such a great job that everyone tipped her at the end.

We had some very determined ants come in the kitchen. They hauled the chip UP the wall. Talk about team work!

Thurs afternoon we swung by the Dole Plantation. I LOVED IT!

Pinapple Deej

Pinapple Mitch

Did you know that pinapples grow ON TOP of the plant's leaves? Niether did I!

We conquered the world's largest maze. We found ALL of the 8 secret stations, and were running b/c we were trying to get a good time. It took us 50 min! Haha, but we had so much fun.

Punchbowl Cemetery

Mitch next to a Borden tombstone. (A Myrna Borden married to a Edward Borden, whose child was Jane Dale Borden).

D-Jo next to Sandy Tenney's tombstone. I felt really emotional at the cemetery once we found tombstones that are connected to our family names. It made it more personal, and I have a deeper gratitude for those who gave their lives fighting for our country in the Pacific. We found a tombstone that read, "Unknown." It was so sad, but it is a gorgeous national monument.

Diamondhead Lighthouse

The Diamond head tunnel leading to the top.

The Diamond head staircase from Hades at the very end of the hike.

The Diamondhead crater view w/Ocean background.

This is the mountain we hiked & we took a picture of it from Punchbowl Cemetery.

Hanuama Bay snorkeling was FANTASTIC! We saw 5 sea turtles!

Blow hole & sunrise Thurs. AM

Hukilau Beach stormy night swim!


Haiku Gardens & pond