Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sopping Wet

We have a security screen door, so the door can be open for the nice weather, but my kid is still inside the house. Well, Mitch was outside watering plants & Tyson was mesmorized by watching. Next thing I know, Mitch sprays off the screen door. Brilliant, right?

About 10 minutes later, I'm noticing what happened, and Tyson's clothes needed to be changed. So here's our dialogue:
Djo--"Mitch, are you going to change Tyson's clothes?"
Mitch--"No, he's fine."
D-Jo--"What do you mean he's fine? He's sopping wet."
Mitch--"Do you even know what sopping wet means?"
Tyson--(pointing to his shirt)"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

We were dying laughing. He was right on cue!