Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Perfect Date : )

It all started Friday afternoon (11/14). I was tired, emotional, & exhausted from Science Camp...and that's when I got a phone call. Mitch asked me out on a date. : ) He acted like we had never met before, and he asked me out like it was our first date. We set a time, and I didn't know anything about where he was taking me. I just knew I needed to be hungry, wear a light jacket, and have shoes with socks.

Come 6pm, he had a boquet of flowers for me, and had even arranged a babysitter already. (I love him so much!) Next, he took me out for NYPD Pizza. He let me talk like there was no tomorrow, and we left. When he started driving east, at first I thought we were going bowling, b/c you need socks for that. The ony ice skating rink I knew of was in Ahwatuke, so when he headed east, I had no idea where he was taking me.

Apparently, there is a new Polar Ice in Gilbert! I was so excited when he pulled in the parking lot. We got our skates, and held hands as we skated around on the ice. He's so romantic. : )

These shots are decieving, because it was so crowded that night. I've never seen so many people in the same skating rink before & the ice was extremely rough. They even pulled out the zambonie for a while. As you can tell by the pictures, Mitch is a pro, and I'm definitely a beginner.

When we were done, we got some delicious Cold Stone ice cream for free (had a gift card). We kissed at every red light, just like we did when we were dating, and Mitch even let me have David Archuleta music on. : ) He knows I'm such a ham for love songs. Haha.

The only reason you see me crawling on the ice is because it happened once & Mitch begged me to pose for a picture again, because he thought it was so hilarious. Well, whatever...it's a small price to pay to have had THE PERFECT DATE. Thanks Mitchell Jay Borden--I love you & I think we should get married. : )