Sunday, November 2, 2008

My little surfer dude, Halloween '08

This picture is slightly decieving. It was actually Mitch who took Tyson Trick-or-Treating. I sat at the door reading & passing out candy & we took a shot when they got back. He was SO CUTE! Thanks to Halloween, he has now added these words to his vocabulary: Trick-or-Treat (Tee-Tee), Thank you (day-doo), and candy. Oh, how I love my little surfer-dude!
These pictures are from the Halloween Spooktacular at the Lovell's a couple weeks back. It was a great party. Mike & Erin came as Thriller characters (Jodi even painted her nails green for the occasion!)
Because we went to Hawaii the week of this party, we decided to have costumes related to it. Mitch: snorkeler (yes, he walked around with his flippers on), Tyson: surfer, D-Jo: Hula girl. Good times!

This is a picture Erin took at the party that I snagged from her blog. Adam & Liz came & Adam spent 20 minutes in the car trying to get his Zoro mask to work right. : ) The Zamora's totally party hopped everywhere we went this month! It was so funny. It started with the Halloween Spooktacular, then the ward Trunk-or-Treat, & James & Carly's party. So fun!

This is Tyson's loot from Halloween. It was so heavy for him, he was literally lugging the jack-o-lantern around & staggering as he almost tripped on every step. Was he ready to quit? Oh, no, but Mitch & I were worn out!

Thumbs up for a great Halloween!