Friday, December 5, 2008

Jilliam Rocks!

This picture was taken on Monday night by Jilliam's camera phone. : ) We went over to visit him in his new house. There's a group home in Mesa that he lives at, and we're so excited that he moved there, because now he's really close & we can see him more easily now. We used to have to drive to Prescott, which was fun, but down the road is a little faster than up the mountain. We all had a great time on Monday night, just talking, reading Christmas stories, and listening to my dad make Jilliam laugh. Jilliam informed my dad that he's a "crazy man in this world". Well, you spoke the truth, cousin! Jilliam is my favorite cousin & I love him. I took a picture with my camera, too, but this copy of our pose means more to me, because this is a copy from Jilliam's camera phone that he promptly emailed over to me on Monday night after our visit. I appreciated that, because I know it takes Jilliam more time and effort because of his cerebral palsy, & he is very thoughtful. I should be more like him. He's the best. If you're reading this, Jilliam, I love you!