Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lins is Coming Home!!!!!!!!!

My best friend is graduating college today. She's getting her Bachelor's degree in Accounting. She picked such a hard major, and it's been such a long road. Today's commencemnt ceremony is an amazing accomplishment for her to experience. I'm am so happy for her and I'm a bit jealous Jenny got to go to the graduation. : ) I wish so much that I could be there. But, of course, the graduation isn't's half way across the world in an exotic place called Laie, Hawaii. If I were rich, I'd be there again right now to give Lindsay a hug. I'm so proud of her, and incredibly happy that she's finally coming home.
Lindsay is the type of person who can talk to anybody about anything.

She knows how to laugh, and live life to its fullest. She never gives up, even when it's really hard. I still can't believe she likes Accounting.... She had to take the hardest of which we took together & would stay up all hours of the night studying together just trying to finish the STUPID math homework, and we'd pray we would remember how to do the work on the tests.

Lindsay is always generous to others and shows gratitude. She loves to shop, and has done an amazing job of staying frugal while she's in fact she paid for her school all on her own, and she doesn't have any debt.

Lindsay calls me every time there's something important happening in my life. She couldn't see Tyson until last year Christmas, because she was in the middle of the Pacific, but she sent me flowers, and Tyson a huge teddy bear while I was having the worst hospital stay of my life waiting to birth my first son, and she was on the phone in the middle of the night ready to hear the news when he was born.

Lins is unpredictable.

Lindsay has an open heart and an open mind. She can be friends with anyone, and will support her friends to the best of her ability by being there for them.

Lins can tell me the honest truth straight to my face, and I'll actually listen. I'm so lucky she's my friend. I know I can tell her anything. Just thinking about all of the things we've been through together makes me laugh and cry. I'm so glad she went to Hawaii, because her experiences will benefit her for the rest of her life, but I can't wait until she's home for good. I'm ready to have my best friend back. : )
Congratulations, Lins! Mitch, Tyson, & I, as well as my parents & siblings are so proud of you!!!! We love you, and are so happy you've achieved what you set out to do! You've worked so hard & never gave up. You deserve all the rights and honors that go with your college degree. It's so much more than just a paper--it's years of experiences you can look back on, and remember with happiness because if you can make it through all of the experiences that made you want to scream with college, you can seriously make it through anything! Hope you have a FABULOUS GRADUATION!