Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Adopted Grandparents

Last night we went over to Andrew & Diana's house. They are our adopted grandparents. We had a great night eating pizza and dessert, and talking. We used to live across the street from them for many years, and we just try to refrain from bringing up that we don't live there anymore, because we all get choked up.
Andrew and Diana are the kind of people you instantly fall in love with. They have warm and welcoming arms, as well as a rich religious and Italian heritage. We can talk to them for hours and still not be out of things to say. : )

Here's a picture of Tyson & the Ferrante's dog, Bella. Bella is so cute. She's fun-loving & eats as well as any of us. She used to bark every morning that my dad or brothers would leave the house. She's our adopted dog. : )
At any rate, we had a lovely evening last night visiting and exchanging gifts. I feel at peace in their home. They have a beautiful atmosphere of love and kindness. When Mitch & I grow up, we want to be like Andrew and Diana. We love them so much!