Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Become as a Little Child: Wax Philosophical

I am frequently found marvelling at the words my children choose to speak.  Such as the other day when my darling 4 year old was snacking and watching my father haul a Christmas tree inside the house.  After my dad removed a few inches from the trunk with a saw, Emmett piped up, "Excellent cutting, Grandpa!"  Such praise increased my father's self-esteem without a doubt.  How could it not?  My preschooler's diction also made us smile.

Any time my kids say something I don't expect, it improves my day and makes me love my life with them even more.  Recently, I have been astounded by the deep intellectual & philosophical thoughts of my 6-year old.  Last night for family night, he wanted to share his testimony at the end of the lesson.  For whatever reason, he has never been able to  share his testimony in a simple way - he draws parallels and analogies and splutters out the world as he sees it by saying things like, "Our lives are like a plant....  If the plant dies, that's when you're going off the path.  ....If you want to make the plant grow, you have to follow the plant rules, which is like following the ten commandments...."

Also last night before the kids went to bed, Tyson said something kind to his brothers.  I was proud of him, so I tried to encourage that behavior, and as we were talking I told him that his little brothers look up to him.  I asked him if he knew what that meant.  As he was thinking I told him it meant he's taller than they are, and he responded, "It means that they want to do the things I want to.  So it's important for me to stay on the path so that they'll want to also."  Mitch and I just looked at each other & wondered where he learned it.  I don't believe that we've necessarily had this conversation before in such plain terms.

Lastly, when Tyson hops out of the car everyday, I like to send him on his way with sentences like, "I love you!  Be awesome today!  Make good choices! (Etc.)" This morning, Emmett piped up before I could say anything to give Tyson a reminder: "Remember who you are!"  I realized we've never really talked about what that phrase means, so I decided to break it down.  I asked him what they thought that meant.  Emmett said, "It means to remember you are who you are."  And Tyson said, "No, it means more than that.  It means remember who you always want to be."

As soon as he said that, I agreed - that's exactly what it means.  Surely the phrase could be elaborated in various ways to explain what it means to you, but he essentially hit the nail on the head. I am amazed at his understanding and answers - I can only imagine how the people in Jesus' day felt about the words He spoke - they must have been words of eternity and love from the beginning.  What I would give to know all the amazing explanations that the Son of God may have given as a little child.  As I think on these things, I also remember that in the scriptures we have been told to be as little children.  No wonder - we muddy up our lives with problems we create for ourselves.  But kids can see the world through simple lenses that aren't tainted by issues.  Kids can see black and white and understand eternal truths in ways that make us want to draw closer to Heaven so that we can understand, too.   

When is the last time you were found waxing philosophical?  I for one, have some work to do in this area when compared to my darling little boy who has an "old soul".