Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's the Beginning of the End! - Black Hawk Soccer

We went to see my little brother play Varsity Soccer tonight for the Black Hawks.  Heber is a Senior in High School, and is a starter for the Black Hawk Soccer Team.  Last year's coach referred to him as "a horse".  He usually gets voted as the MVP on every team he every plays on, because he's all about working with his teammates, pumping others up, doing his best, and being an all around valuable athlete.  He always puts his best foot forward & I love to watch him play.

Soccer happens to be my favorite sport.  I remember when Emmett was less than 2 weeks old, Heber had his Junior High Championship Soccer Game, and I just couldn't miss it.  I bundled my little guy up and strapped him in a baby carrier on my chest and tried to ignore the stares of everyone I walked past, who were no doubt thinking, "Wasn't that the girl who was pregnant at the last game?" - The Chaparral Sharks won that day in Triple Overtime by Penalty Kicks - we all cried for joy at the end of that battle, the boys worked so hard all season & definitely earned their victory!  In those days we stood on the field by the coach & the players, smelling the grass & b.o., hearing all the calls, and praying we wouldn't get rammed by kids who couldn't stop running when the ball came towards our camping chairs.  We were there. We were in it.  That's when I really started to love soccer. Not to mention it's faster paced and easier to follow than football.  I actually watch soccer, but when I go to a football game, I chit chat and then stand up to cheer when everyone else does.
At any rate, Heber is so busy - he is involved in every activity under the sun.  He is the VP of the National Honor Society at his school, he is in every AP class or dual enrollment college credit course offered at the school, he's a potential candidate for Valedictorian or Salutatorian, he manages the Girls Volleyball Team, he does more service hours than any other teenager I've ever known, he works with my parents on days that he has no school, and on weekends he sells manure as another job.  That's not even the half of what he's involved in, so you can imagine how infrequently I see this kid - unless I go to his games, I hardly get to see him.  What's funny is that back in the day after I got married, I started supporting my siblings in as many activities as I could.  I felt bad that they were always forced to support me in all of my school activities & concerts, so I wanted to give back to them & show them I appreciated it.  I can't always make it to everything, but I like to try, and now I realize that with a brother like Hebes, if I want to see him, this is essentially one of the best ways to be close to my brother.
Heber plans to serve a mission next year.  So when you look at it like that, not only is this the last high school soccer season he'll be involved in.  This is the last soccer season he'll be playing in until 3 years from now after he returns.  I am praying he'll play in college.  I love watching him play soccer too much - this just can't be the end!  But in a way, it still kind of is. 
Tonight Tyson was climbing on the fence yelling to his uncle:
"Hey, HEEBS!  Just KNOW that you can win it!"
"Just be the boy you know you are!"
It cracks me up.  We had so much fun, and Heber did an awesome job.  Our team lost, but Heber made a goal, and it was awesome to see him get fired up.  He made a goal, but the ref called off-sides and didn't award the point, so immediately after the ball got thrown back in, Heber took it past a strong defender & made the goal all over again - he was like, "TAKE THAT!"  And the crowd CHEERED!