Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Thanksgiving - Part III, 3, Tres, ...

Last, but not least, we had the last part of our usual Thanksgiving traditions yesterday, when my Uncle Warren came in to town specifically JUST to see us.  He makes this trip every year - it used to be to attend a Tenney Thanksgiving Reunionish Dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving that he came for & then would hang out with us afterward, but that has since disbanded.  Instead of saying sianara, he still comes with his kids...or kid. :)  We have a movie marathon and look at temple lights.  It's a tradition I have come to love and cherish, whether or not we always love the movies we see.  Fortunately, the movies this year were a complete success.  Catching Fire was out of this world for me - it was so unbelievably well done. I love the way the screen writers have done this series - usually the books are better than the movies, but in this instance the movie was so good, I forgot I'd read the book & knew what would happen next, until my brother Heber reminded me to relax in the middle of the movie.

This is the new statue at the Mesa Temple Christmas lights this year - stunning!

 Would you believe it?  We ran into MORE Tenney's at the Temple lights.  In a matter of seconds there were 18 of us - it was like a mini reunion.  I thought is was so fun, and probably not a coincidence that we would see Aunt Kem & her family last night.

Miles was so cute with this pig. :)
Usually I have only seen my Uncle Warren & his kids once or twice a year - if it were not for this tradition we have, we probably would not be as close as we are.  What's amazing is that this last year, we have seen Uncle Warren, Joanna, Julia, and Nathanael at least 5 times.  It's been really fun.
This summer, I got to visit Uncle Warren's house in Tucson - he has this AMAZING wave picture on the wall - I felt like I was going to get swallowed up in the ocean.


We saw Julia at her farewell - I am so proud of her for her choice to serve a mission!

 My kids weren't necessarily impressed with the town of Tucson - it pretty much looks like the desert there...more so than other towns in Arizona, but they did have fun even with the lack of grass, as you can tell in this tree the climbed after church:

And here's one other moment we've had with Uncle Warrent this year - we met them at Sunsplash for Nathanael's birthday.  It was so much fun, and we were so glad to have Joanna there, since she's a work-a-holic!
Don't ask me why Heber is holding his arm like that, haha!
Fun times!  I love family, and am so thankful that both my family and Mitch's family have quality relationships with each other around the board - it is always refreshing to be with our immediate & extended families - it feels like we have always been forever friends & that's why God put us together in these specific families.  I also know these family relationships are what bring us closer to God, because we were sent here to help each other in ways no one else in the world can.