Sunday, December 1, 2013


Let's give thanks for the cutest neice I have in town - Miss Aleen!
I want to eat her up!  I also want a picture of her & Miles together, but Miles had different plans:

Despite his little opinionated self that's shining through, we'll still giving thanks for Aleen's darling cousin that likes to act like he's so much older than she is
(right now Miles is twice Aleen's age).

Everyone's thankful for Caden - especially Tyson & Emmett!  They're like the 3 amigos.

Emmett is thankful for retakes, since he said,  "Sorry, Mom!  I had food in my mouth and couldn't smile, please take it again!"  Let's give thanks that he's learning to be polite!

We're all giving thanks for Pinterest - I heard recently that "If you can't find it on Pinterest, you don't need it."  That's probably true, because Pinterest has so many amazing ideas.  Myrna made these darling cornucopias THE MORNING OF THANKSGIVING!  As if she didn't have a ton of other things to worry about, like the FOOD for Thanksgiving dinner - it was all a smashing success.

Mitch was giving thanks that I actually liked his facial hair the day of Thanksgiving, and even though I thought it was funny, now I'm giving thanks that it's gone!

We're thankful for trampolines, headlocks, and dogpiles,
and also that all the boys escaped play time WITHOUT broken arms!

We're thankful for all the stages of facial hair - and that Brian looks like Wooly Willy. :)

Mitch & Hebes were thankful for quality bonding time.

Miles is thankful for balls, even if he wishes with all his heart that he could run as fast as the big kids!


And I'm thankful for Haleigh, who so sweetly followed my baby around and kept him happy so I could stuff my face and visit with cousins & friends.