Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oh, no! A Reason to be Thankful for BEARDS!

Just a few days ago I got all riled up about Beards & Parades, and wrote this post and actually SENT THE POST to the Mayor and his Council.  By the end of the day I had a person email from the Mayor of Gilbert himself, and within 24 hours I had reponses from 3 of the council members.  Goodness gracious, I must be a Tenney - we're ALWAYS riled up about politics, like this post about the shutdown - you name it, we can have an opinion on it.  Sometimes that's a good thing, like when you feel like you're friends with the Mayor.  Would you believe that he said that he appreciated my thoughts on the matter? :)  That's why he's a fabulous Mayor, because he CARES about the little guys.  He explained that all 7 of the bands pulled out and so did several vendors, and so it was a tough decision, but they were talking about rescheduling it for December 7th.  He finished his email to me with the following statement:
"For now, I am off to the Rodeo. Gilbert Days lives on (or at least part of it).
Mayor Lewis"
That truly made me smile!
So that resolved the internal conflicts I had about my hometown's cancelled parade and it calmed my outrage, but I still held firm to my No-Kiss-November stance on Beards.  YUCK!  UNTIL this morning!  Never in my life would I have thought I'd be grateful for beards, but Thanksgiving has a way of changing your heart.
This morning, I woke up sad.  No one wants to be sad on Thanksgiving, and even though I have a valid reason to be sad, I also know I have many valid reasons to focus on happiness, but it's a mind game to fight your way through a sadness struggle, because sometimes it really is okay just to be sad about something.  So I was brushing my teeth, and having this mind struggle when my husband walks in.  I didn't even notice until after I kissed him that this is what he looked like:

Have some close ups - in case you can't tell, Mitch will explain to you:
"I  shaved everything but the mustache, soul patch, and mutton chops."

I laughed so hard - I'm embarrassed that I had such a staunch stance against beards just a week ago, and now I actually have a reason to be grateful -they make me LAUGH!
Here are my other reasons to be grateful today.

Miles is so cute licking the spoons while we're cooking in the kitchen. I LOVE HIS FACE!

 Emmett has finally decided that he wants his hair fixed some days...the only catch is that HE HAS TO BE THE ONE TO CHOOSE THE STYLE. :)  He's so cute  AWESOME!

He also makes me laugh with his tough guy faces. :) 
He actually told me to take a picture of this one this week. :)

The other day the kids wanted to do a Polar Bear swim BEFORE Tyson went to school.  It was freezing, and Tyson jumped all the way in.  Fun times.
I am so happy to have my crazy hubby, and our 3 beautiful children. 
What a beautiful day to be THANKFUL!