Friday, November 22, 2013

What Does Reading for 390,000+ Minutes Get You?

Principal Roth is the best principal ever.  He knows how to motivate kids because deep down inside he is still a KID himself!  He drives a cool car, he wears funny costumes, and he makes crazy challenges.  We had a 2 week read-a-thon, where the kids collected pledges for every minute they read.  They were given a Silver, Gold, and Platinum Goal.  A Silver Goal merited a dog tag necklace.  A Gold Goal merited a ticket for a Nook drawing.  And the Platinum Goal gave a second ticket for the grade level drawings.  On top of that, Principal Roth promised with the following statement:  "I'm not monkeying around.  If the school reads 390,000 minutes collectively, on November 22nd, I will sit in a tree wearing a monkey suit from 8:30am to 4:30pm."  The read-a-thon ended last week Friday, and the teachers have been stringing the kids along ALL WEEK saying things like, "We're still counting the minutes," or "If you see him in the tree you'll know you made the goal."  Much to our delight, this is what we found this morning!!!!

The kids were cracking up.  We brought bananas with us to feed to the principal because we just KNEW he HAD to be in that tree (RAIN OR SHINE)!  We read so much that we got sick of reading.  My little 6 year old read 852 minutes alone (that's an average of an hour a day), so he definitely did his fair share.  He kept saying last week, "We gotta get him up in that tree!"

In case you can't read with the angle, the sign says,
"Honk if you like reading!  I lost the bet!  My students read 445,050 minutes!"

Oops!  Too late! 
Those 3 bananas on the branch above the sign were the ones we gave him, HAHA!

We got to listen to him as he spoke to the news reporters.

My other kids loved seeing Principal Roth in a monkey suit, and they were excited to see Roco the Roadrunner, too.  (Miles was so enthralled, he wouldn't look away for even a second, haha!)