Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Nature Loving Boy

A couple days ago, Tyson was saying his prayers before school.  Side note:  I think families should say prayers & eat meals together EVERY DAY, because most of our favorite family memories have happened from conversations or moments during meal time and during prayer time. At any rate....  During his prayer I heard him say, "...And thank you for making nature and everything in it so that I don't have to be bored trying to make up something to be interested in."
That darling little sentence of gratitude reminded me of this amazing moment last month, when we were on a walk in the morning.  I was trying to cram in some excersize before school, and we swung past my Aunt Karla's house to get a drink of water.  Tyson was exploring her yard and exclaimed to me, "Look! How beautiful!" I totally expected to see him holding a flower or something that I thought was lovely to behold, but when I got next to him he smiled and said, "It's a rotten lemon with bugs in it!"  This innocent little boy was NOT being sarcastic.  He honest to goodness thought it was beautiful.  As I watched the little insects scurry away on the rine, I told him I was glad he found nature to be beautiful, and we went on with our day, but that breif moment has left an impact on my heart.  I made a post similar to this on facebook, and my friend Sherri texted me and made me cry, because she told me I was a good mom.  How ironic to me that just a few years ago I could have cried out of the fear of bugs, and now that I'm the mother to 3 little boys, I find myself crying because of the way bugs have changed my life. :)  Never before would I have ever really cared about any bugs besides ladybugs & butterflies, but now this little boy of mine finds beauty in the blessings of nature and thanks God for it.  Because he loves it, I find myself taking time to see the beauty in it, too.  If you think about it, it truly is a miracle that there are little bugs to decompose rotting fruit to help fertilize the ground, that feeds the trees, and the trees make oxygen and are beautiful to behold.  Everything about this earth is a miracle if we'll just take time to see it.
I love this little boy so much, and I love the way our family appreciates nature more because of him.