Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cancel Beards, NOT Parades!

This is what our family looked like today at 8:40am on the way to the Gilbert Days Parade.
This is what our family looked like at 8:55am when we saw the Gilbert Days Parade was cancelled due to rain.  LAME!!!!!!!!

Remember this post from yesterday?  Principal Roth stayed true to his commitments rain or shine.  What's the deal, Gilbert?  I don't want to rag on the Mayor, but whoever cancelled the celebration should feel major chagrin right now, especially because there hasn't been a rain drop in sight - even at 9 am when the parade was supposed to have started, there WAS NO RAIN!  In 20 minutes from now, it was going to be over - there are currently partly cloudy skies and we are PEEVED that there is no parade due to non-existent rain. 
Different subject:  Even though Mitchell looks handsome with or without a beard, it's going to be gone soon, because No-Shave-November is turning into No-Kiss-November (I stole that phrase from my cousin Nicole).  I do not like kissing beards.
Here's hoping the day gets better.