Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Hodge Podge

This year is screaming by so fast!  In just the past couple of weeks we've had some fun moments:

Tyson had a school assignment to make a "FAMILY Turkey" & have us all participate.  Mitch added the DeWalt feathers, I added the stickers with help from Emmett.  The kids helped glue on macaroni & find wrappers from Halloween candy, and the purple sparkly bow ties were left overs from a Frankenstein craft. :)  I think our Borden Family Turkey turned out great!

Emmett & Miles spend a lot of time together when Tyson is gone to school.  I love watching their relationship develop.  My heart melted when I found them sitting outside together & sharing a popcorn ball.  So cute!  (Nov. 8th)

Rockstar day at school.  Cameron tends to only do Spirit Days with us when there is a camera around, but at least he plays along for a little bit.  Haha!

I got to go to the Friday night part of Time Out for Women with Tina, Myrna, & their cute neighbor, Rebecca.  We had an awesome night.  We ate Chick-fil-a, got lost in the convention center with hundreds of other lost & wandering women, finally got in, sat with aunts & cousins, listened to awesome music & inspiring talks, and generally had a great time!  That was my first one & I loved it, so thanks for the ride!

Our awesome neighbors invited us to go fishing.  They are fishing pros, and fortunately let us roll in some fish with their magic fish catching fishing poles...NONE of ours caught anything...I think we're doing something wrong!

For family night on Veteran's Day, we went to Jump Street with Nick, Ashley, & Aleen.  She's so cute!  And funny enough, this picture gives me hope that someday a baby girl will fit in with my's not so hard to imagine that it could work out when such a darling little neice is sitting with my boys!

Babies' first bouncy house slide:

Nick took Aleen down the slide.  She didn't squawk, or laugh, or make a peep.  She just looked up at Nick when it was over.  It's the most darling thing!

Mitch & Miles enjoyed the ride, too. :)

We hadn't gone shopping for a while, and I told Mitch to stock up on canned veggies.  My kids were so excited, not just to have more food, but to PLAY with the cans!  I was thoroughly entertained that they were so entertained!  Miles put them in a row.

Emmett spent a lot of time building new set ups to stand on (yes we let him pick out his own PJ's for the night, haha!) 

They built towers.

Who needs toys when you have canned food?
Life is so good!