Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Okay, so it was fun and fabulous! We ate so much popcorn, drank too much soda, sat and chatted for hours, and LOVED the movie. It was like a million times better than Twilight because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson weren't jerking their heads every single time they said their lines, the visual effects were much better...sometimes still fakey, but BETTER, the vampires were creepier, and the wolves added a nice twist. I think the movie moved a little slowly at times, and I like the way Rosalie, Carlisle, and Jasper looked in Twilight better, but over all New Moon had the quality I was hoping for....
Mom, you're so cool for coming to the midnight showing--that's all there is to it!
Taylor decided to come up and grace us with his presence after ditching us to sit with some girls...he thought that would be better than me coming down to embarrass him by taking photos of him with his entourage of ladies.

D-Jo, Tina, Jodi (not blinking, I might add)

Lindsay, Deej, Tina, Erin, Heber, Jodi (celebrating her passing of her state board written test that she took today! Whoo hoo, you go girl!)

Cameron, Kelly, Cassie, Lindsay