Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Don't Mind Saying...It Turned Out GREAT!

Jenny's having a baby boy! This is her adorable diaper cake. My mom tied all the bows...I've GOT to learn how to do that. My bows never look that good.
This was the food table.

Drum roll please........There are tissue balls hanging from the ceiling!!!! Yay! We had a major boost to our self-esteem when our guests thought that we BOUGHT them. Oh, no, we MADE them, because that's how we ROLL!

What an adorable clothes line! Jenny's baby boy is going to sport these clothes like none other!

Here's Jen--gorgeous AS ALWAYS--holding my baby. Doesn't a baby look good in her arms? It'll be even better in only a month from now when she gets to hold her own!

I have never gone to a shower where one person guessed EXACTLY how far around the prego woman was in the string game, let alone TWO people!!!! It was a little crazy that both these girls got it right on the money.

The Three Musketeers!
Lindsay and I were so excited to host the shower for Jenny.
You're going to make an AMAZING mother, Jenny, and we love you!

Our group is almost complete with ALL the sisters and friends. Erin we missed you!

Who would have thought back in 4th grade what the future might bring? And here we are on the threshold of a baby's future. I'm excited to see where the next 15 years is going to take us!