Friday, February 5, 2010

Train Park Surprise

Mid-December, a group of girls from the ward decided to go to the Train's a popular one, but I can't remember the name...something McCormick Train Park. My friend Ashley and caravanned over so we wouldn't get lost. Our boys, Tyson & Kevin are becoming great friends, too. I'm so glad we went! Tyson absolutely loved it, and SO DID I! The place is seriously awesome. There's so much to do. We could have stayed there ALL DAY! The train ride prices were reasonable, and the set up was festive. Tyson kept wanting to play at the park when the group was eating lunch, and I could only coax him to go to the lunch table by letting him push the stroller. Holy cow, did that walk take FOREVER! It was so cute, though. Tyson is such a great big brother, even if we did romp Emmett around in the dirt a little.

Emmett was pretty much like this the whole time...chill. His expressions weren't changing much at this point in time. He is wearing my favorite shirt for him, though. It says "Mallow Out, Dude" and a marsh"mallow" is getting ready to jump into hot cocoa. Emmett is mellow ALL the time, so I thought the shirt was PERFECT! His stroller is parked next to what Ashley & I deemed as the "Nursing Club Bench". Good times.

What a cute pose, Tyson. Good job. For a while I didn't think you could calm down the way you were running after the pigeons and yelling like a caveman.

The best part of going to the train park that day was getting surprised by my dad and Mitch. Driving to the train park, I got a call from them as they were between jobs. We crossed on the freeway and Mitch longingly said, "I wish I could be home with the kids all day and go to train parks and stuff." I told them they should swing past for a while, and they told me they couldn't. About a mile away from the park I looked over at a stop light and there they were waving at me. It was such a delight! My dad is a sucker for trains...and his grandsons. : ) It was GREAT. The best part about it, too, was that a train ride started about 5 minutes after we showed up, so they didn't miss much of work, anyway. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Just around the bend....

Emmett, Mitch, Kevin, Tyson, Ashley, Katie, Dad

Mitch with our boys & Kevin