Friday, February 19, 2010

A Word of Advice

During lunch today, Tyson was talking (as he usually does) about whatever might be crossing his mind at the moment.

Tyson: Do not kiss a bug or a bee.
Me: Do not kiss a bug or a bee? Is that what you said?
Tyson: sYah. Do not kiss a bug or a bee....EVER...or a pider.
Me: Okay. Do not ever kiss a bug or a bee or spider.
Tyson: (Scrunched face and thinking) We kiss amimals?
Me: Uh...not really.
Tyson: We don't kiss amimals, but we feed amimals?
Me: Yes, you can feed animals sometimes.
Tyson: We fweed da giraffe at da zoo last time...we feed da giraffe...lettuce...fwood...evryting.

There you have it folks, the best advice from a 2 year old: Do not EVER be found kissing bugs, or bees, or spiders, or giraffes, but you can give giraffes lettuce, just so you know!