Saturday, February 6, 2010


Taylor would be THE COOL ONE in the family. He's devoted the last several MONTHS of his life to this play that he got "conned" into by all of his friends. Taylor is so cute, because there are things he wants to do, but kind of doesn't want to do, and he always can get talked into doing it if you play the right cards. I'm pretty sure the LADIES at school know how to play the right cards when they ask him to get involved in things like plays and choir and physics and whatever else his friends talk him into doing. He's such a good kid. If I were in high school I'd definitely want to hang out wherever he is.
Goofing off with the character "Ike". My favorite part of this picture is the gum suspended in mid air. HAHA I have a picture like that of me in college...I've got to go find it.

We were grinning as big as we could so the "smile detection" feature would work on my camera & snap the photo for us.

Believe it or not, we CAN smile normally

We were a VERY good audience. We laughed at all the funny parts and stayed awake for the WHOLE play. 6th row, baby, and still the people in front of us got their heads in our way. LAME!

Enjoy a miniature clip of the play for your viewing pleasure...