Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 Years, Baby!

Today is our 4th Anniversary; we love being married. It started out as quite a regular day, but we went out to dinner anyway. Amidst work, school, and moving, we are lucky we fit in a dinner together. Thankfully my mom watched Tyson for us--she knew that we needed time together to celebrate our special day. I sure love my mom! Mitch went to part of his class, and skipped out at the break, at which point we went to On the Border. We had a great waiter named Dan & he gave us a free desert for our anniversary. It was great! Despite our cozy booth, there was a table of drunk African American women on the other side of the wall speaking fluent Ebonics. : ) Mitch and I just had to laugh. I thought they were mad at each other, but he said that yelling was just their form of communication. I didn't believe him until we heard their conversation change from yelling & cussing, to Dr. Phil, cousins kicking it no matter what the age, the $ nurses make, and praying to God for the each other. As you can tell, we couldn't really focus on our own conversation, but it's okay. Dan announced to everyone in the restaurant that it was our anniversary & they sang a butchered version of a celebration song. Brittany Heil from elementary school was a host there & it was great to see her again.
Mitch-Hubby, thanks for dinner! I love you! You're the best & I'm so lucky I married you! It's been a great 4 years--let's keep it going forever! You're the love of my life...tied with Tyson. I've never been happier than when I'm with you. Love, D-Jo