Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Mitchell and I went on a hike up Sierra Trigo today. It was the perfect day to be on the mountain. The breeze was constantly blowing the wild flowers and bushes around. The whole mountainside seemed to sway with the wind. The hike is steep--it killed my hamstrings on the way up, and exhausted my knees & quads on the way down, but it was great fun! On the way down the mountain, I told Mitch that my favorite part was being at the top. Immediately in response, he said, "My favorite part was spending an hour with just you!" What a schmooz! He knows the cheezy, silly things get me every time!Can you believe I got him to pose like this!?
Nick has a hot new truck, and consented to give his niece and nephews a ride. What an AWESOME uncle! This picture from left to right is Tyson, D-Jo, Felicia, & Sterling. The kids were enthralled the whole ride, and then it started raining & we were all so cold. I had some other good shots, but they turned out to be blurry. Thanks, Nick for being the cool uncle.

Don't tell us we're studs...we already know (hence the pose).
Mitch made these two child size chairs out of an old stump of wood. As you can see, the custom design is made especially for our little one, with an ottoman and all for tiny feet to rest on! It's rustic, smells heavily of pine, and believe it or not, is now inside our house in Tyson's room. Haha.

4 little monkeys! No joke, I kept all of these little guys satisfied for 15 minutes with bananas! They're so cute! From left to right, we've got Quinton, Brycen, Sterling, & Tyson. This shot was taken about a week before our trip to the Homestead, but I thought I'd include it anyway.
These are the Alabama Bordens. From oldest to youngest, there's Kallianne, Quenton, Brycen, & Sterling. We love them so much, and miss them already. When Kit & Felicia were loading them up, I realized they made a larger sacrifice to come than anyone really knows. Driving to the Homestead and back with just one child in a car seat is hard enough, let alone driving back and forth to Alabama with 4 children in car seats. I don't know how they do it with four kids ages four and under. But, they're all so cute, and well behaved. We're lucky to be related!
Caden was satisfied when he got his own chair & ottoman like Tyson's.

Preparing for the truck ride: Sterling, D-Jo, Tyson, Myrna, Caden, Brycen, Felicia