Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not so free bowling...but still a good deal!

Friday night we went bowling with the Souquet-bressand's & the Lovell's. It was totally fun! I can't bowl worth beans, but we had a great time. The coupon Scott & Tiff found gave us a good deal on unlimited bowling for 2 hours+a pizza & free drinks. The only problem was that we couldn't bowl fast enough. We got 2 1/2 games in within the 2 hours. We should have been bowling at turbo speed the whole time & our scores would have been awesome, plus we would have finished the 3rd game. Our combined score on the 2nd game was 534--yeah! Go us! (I contributed a whopping 64 to those points). We went to Scott & Tiff's afterwards to watch a movie, but Jami & Dallas had a "blow out" to deal with (you know how that goes!). So Tiff & I just let the boys play video games while we fiddled around picking songs for her play list on her blog. It sounds so simple, but it was really fun & we were entertained until 1 AM. LOL Poor Tiff, I think we did her in for the day...not only does she have a baby draining her energy, she has peer pressure keeping her up WAY past her bedtime. You only live once, though, right?
Here are our pics:

The Girls: Tiffany, DJ, Jami
The Boys: Scott, Dallas, Mitch & Tyson
The Duck
Can you see the fireworks boosting Mitch's self-esteem?

They way Dallas bowls...
The way Jami rolls....
"That's it! That's a strike!!!!"
The way Tiffany rolls (you can't even tell she's prego from this side!)
The way Deej hopes it won't be a gutter ball...

Scott & Tiff, and Dallas & Jami are some of our best friends. They know how to spice up a weekend! Thanks guys for everything you do for us! You're the best!