Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mista Hebes & Lillahammer

Heber plays soccer for the Sharks at Chapparel Elementary (a K-8 in Higley). We attended the game on Monday afternoon; it was a great match. Unfortunately the Sharks lost 2 to 1, but Mr. Hebes played a great game & his team definitely didn't lose because of him. It was fun. New Nicknames: Heber is Mr. Hebes & Tyson is now Lillahammer (I don't know why--ask my dad, but I'm not complaining, because my son FINALLY has an official nickname from my dad. My cousins could get nicknames for their kids in seconds, but his own grandson took him 14+ months to figure the right one out. He finally picked a goofy one for my son & it's about time.)

Oh, yeah! Good stuff!
The rocks were most interesting to Tyson--even though we were all screaming our heads off, "Shark Attack, Shark Attack," he still was more interested in the different sizes of the gravel. Priorities!