Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well we have been married almost 4 years now and will soon bemoving into our third home. First it was our apartment in Chandler, we were there for one year. Now for the past three years we have been living in a little house on the ASU polytechnic campus on the border of Gilbert and east Mesa. In both places we have made great friends. Moving is kinda a bitter sweet thing. We will miss our friends, and the unique setting here on campus with so many young married couples. We have loved living here. But at the same time we are way excited to be moving. For one thing it will be bigger. Now that we number three and tyson is way mobile this little house just doesn't seem big enough sometimes. Plus we are actually getting a better deal with the house we are moving to. Some people Debra Jo has known for years are moving to West Virginia for 5 years and want us to take care of their house. They are giving us a great deal to live there and take care of the place. We won't own it but for a while it will be ours. It even has a small pool. Well I'd like to say more, but this post is way long and I need to pack.