Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love Starfall.com

I decided that ww.starfall.com is my favorite website because Tyson LOVES it! It helps me keep him entertained, AND it teaches him letter sounds. I've been doing Starfall with him since Wednesday of last week and already, he's trying to talk more. Lately Tyson's been screaming if he doesn't know how to communicate what he wants. It's awful. We've been trying to make him at least try to say the beginning sound of the word before we give him what he wants, but you know how quickly that works. He was already making the sounds /a/, /b/, /d/, /l/, /m/, /p/, and /t/. Since Wednesday, he's also learned the sounds /s/, /f/, /n/, /y/, and /z/. He tries to make /g/, and /j/, but they sound like d's. : ) I'm not too worried about that, though, because that was a common mistake among my struggling 2nd graders. He's still got a few years to master that skill. If he can't get it by then, that's when I'll worry. : ) Anyway, I just think it's awesome! Last night Mitch was reading Tyson bedtime stories, and I told him do do a few letters on Starfall. Mitch pulled it up and Tyson heard the music from the letter A. Next thing we knew, he was running to the computer with his arms up towards Mitch. Too cute! If you have a youngster, you should go to Starfall for just a few minutes everyday, because it works and it's interactive. The end.