Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Bowling Thanks to Rob & Deana & Pictures as Promised!

The last night we saw the Rasmussen family before their journey to Utah, they left us with a bowling coupon & told us to send pictures, so here they are! FREE BOWLING for everyone in our group! What an awesome treat. I am lucky to have noticed that the expiration date was coming up, so we went bowling on Saturday night. It was great fun. First, we went to eat buffalo wings at some buffalo wing place, but we had to eat fast because they were doing the UFC fight at 7:00pm, and if we were still there, we'd have to pay $5 a person. That would have been $2o bucks to watch a nasty fight. Who wants to do that? Good thing we went bowling!
D-Jo & Mitch

Mitch's classic bowling pose to the left.
Erin's almost flying bowling ball to the right.


Mitch was conducting Craig's List business on the telephone. He made out to have a very profitable Saturday, AND he still got a good score on his game...I believe he broke 100, which was more than I could do (and I wasn't the one multi-tasking). Hubby...I take back what I said about men not having the ability to, can I have some of the money you earned? : ) LOL

Macho Mike
MODEST IS HOTTEST! (And so is plaid!) Erin and I both love knee-length bermuda shorts. Go us. Just a quick celebration moment for myself: I bought these shorts at Aeropostale...yes I'm celebrating, because it's been ages since I could fit into their sizes. However, I've lost 17 pounds since I started trying to lose weight in April, and so I'm doubly happy about my bermuda shorts! Plus they're blue & green, which are my 2 fav. colors. Whoo hoo! Oh! Just a funny little anecdote about my outfit. This happened to be the outfit that I wore on the first day of school. The entire day went great--I was enjoying it & getting to know all of my students, when the ecstasy abruptly turned to embarrassment. The Large sticker was still on my shirt, and I didn't know it until 2:00pm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was so funny. What a fashion faux pas!

When you do anything with Erin, you have to take at least one black and white photo. So, here's our group photo. Thanks for coming with us, Mike & Erin. YOU ROCK & I love you!

Thanks again to Rob & Deana: You ROCK, too, and we miss you in Arizona!
Love, The Horn's & The Borden's!